Stops Your Basketball Hoop From Falling Over

Hoop Secure™ allows you to put the sandbags or gravel bags inside and distributed evenly. The Hoops secure bag can hold over 300 lbs in weight. So if someone is dunking on the ring or there is a strong wind, your portable basketball hoop will not fall over.

Ergonomically Designed To Look Amazing

Hoop Secure™ blends into the background, leaving you with not only a safe product but a great looking one too. The bag is ergonomically designed to fit over your base and secure round the pole. No more need for those awful discolored sandbags, rocks or buckets.

Peace of Mind for Your Property, Kids, & Hoop

Hoop Secure™ allows enough sand weight so you can have peace of mind for your property, kids, and hoop. Accidents & property damage frequently occur when the wind blows your portable basketball hoop over, especially damaging cars on your driveway. Hoop Secure is the solution you've been looking for!

No Need To Repurchase Sandbags

Time and time again the sand or gravel bags break open, leaving an unsightly mess and the need to repurchase new bags. Due to Hoop Secure™ being weather resistant, whatever goes inside stays dry and does not deteriorate by the weather or other impacts.

Put Your Basketball Hoop Anywhere

Whatever you put in your Hoop Secure™ bag can be removed allowing freedom of movement of your hoop. Unlike some options, with Hoop Secure you can place the Hoop on grass, concrete, your patio or driveway, in fact anywhere you like.

The Bags Are
HOA Friendly 

After working with countless HOA's we have carefully build the Hoop Secure™ in a way that will be homeowner association friendly. If you have any questions for the language you would like used for your HOA, feel free to check out our HOA covenant language page!