Average Replacement Parts Cost
           • Hoop Rim - $50
           • New Base - $72
           • Backboard & Rim - $229

Why Hoop Secure

The Inspiration 

After replacing our hoop several times due to being knocked over by the wind, we realized filling the original base with water wasn’t enough, and filling it with sand made it almost impossible to move. We began researching a solution only to find that there wasn’t one that truly worked. We discovered many people have had their cars and property damaged by a fallen basketball hoop. In an effort to solve the issue, people were consistently placing a wide variety of unsightly and unsafe objects on the base in an attempt to keep the basketball hoop in place. We decided there had to be a better way, so we went to the drawing board and Hoop Secure™ was born!

The Solution

Hoop Secure™ is an ergonomically designed, weather resistant weight holding solution for your portable basketball hoop. Hoop Secure™ will comfortably hold an additional 300+ pounds in sand weight. Not only does Hoop Secure™ assist in preventing basketball hoops from tipping over, it also allows you to stop placing various unsightly & dangerous objects on top of the base. All of these methods result in an extremely ineffective way of trying to secure a basketball hoop. Traditional sand bags can easily split leaving an unsightly mess and difficult clean-up, not to mention the frustration from your neighbors or HOA. Our solution is quick and easy to install, and once in place will keep your Hoop Secure™ in its location, while still offering the flexibility to move it if you need to.

The Result

Hoop Secure™ is the World’s Best best way to secure your portable basketball hoop. Two Velcro securing straps secure it to the base with a non-slip bottom to prevent Hoop Secure™ from moving. Hoop Secure™ also comes with an additional Velcro strap that secures around the main basketball pole. With Hoop Secure™, you get peace of mind relative to your property, kids, and hoop. Plus, your neighbors & HOA will love you too!


Durable Materials

Innovative Design


The #1 Way To Secure Your Hoop - On ALL Surfaces!

Hoop Secure is without a doubt the best way to stop your basketball hoop from falling over. The bag is extremely easy to install, it takes just a few seconds to secure the straps. Once it is on the base, you can then add your chosen sand bags. The beauty of this system is that you can quickly and easily remove the sand bags as well, allowing you to move the hoop to any desired location, or even to store away for the winter.

Hoop Secure is weather resistant and made from superior materials to resist rain, wind, snow and sun. Using Hoop Secure gives you peace of mind relative to your property, kids, and hoop. Use Hoop Secure on any surface. Whereas other solutions require the hoop to only be used or installed on soft grass, Hoop Secure allows you to place your basketball hoop on concrete, grass, wood, just about anywhere.