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DIMENSIONS: 40L x 25W x 5H *inches* (please measure base for proper fit)

The Hoop Secure full size solution is designed to fit most bases.

Our patent pending solution can be filled with individual sandbags available at your local hardware store. We prefer to use the tubular versions, but you may use other types. It can hold in excess of 300 lbs in sand bags. Hoop Secure is hard wearing and weather resistant, keeping the contents dry, allowing easy removal should you want to relocate the basketball hoop. And best of all it is HOA approved!

The bag seamlessly blends into the base, securing with velcro straps around the portable base as well as around the neck. The bottom of the bag is designed with a non-slip weatherproof material to keep Hoops Secure in place. The weather-resistant zip allows for easy loading and removal. 

Stop putting unsightly objects on your base leading to damage and mess and choose Hoop Secure instead to keep your portable basketball hoop from tipping over.

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