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As you are aware, portable basketball hoops have created a fun option for families for many decades, however for HOA’s and Community Managers, they've also created significant challenges for managing communities and associated covenants. We believe Hoop Secure has solved this issue and encourage you to learn more about the benefits, and how this could positively impact your community.


- Unsightly objects on basketball hoops (buckets, rocks, torn sand bags, tires)

- Safety concerns

- Damaged or knocked over basketball hoops

- Usage Requirements (before/after play)

- No variance for people with disabilities

- No modular ability

- Violations to HOA Covenants


+ Hoop Secure™!

+ Aesthetically and visually pleasing and blends into the factory base

+ Holds 300+ pounds of sand bags INSIDE the Hoop Secure solution

+ Prevents hoops from falling over

+ Is soft and pliable for safer play

+ By design, is modular in nature allowing homeowners the ability to still move the hoop

+ Provides a solution for people with disabilities who can’t adhere to usage requirements

+ Keeps communities looking great with upright and good condition basketball hoops

RECOMMENDATION:Eliminate the headaches of portable basketball hoop management for your community. Download our covenant language recommendations and compare to yours to see how easy a change can be to avoid managing violations, incurring additional costs while creating a cleaner, safer community with Hoop Secure™.

Information For Hoa's & Homeowners

Hoa Covenant Langauage

Here is a template based around covenant language used by Homeowners Associations in relation to Portable Basketball Hoops. Please feel free to download a copy for use within your HOA.