Set It, & Forget It!

Quick & Easy Installation Guide

Hoop Secure™ can be installed quick and efficiently. We recommend using two people at all times. 

Step By Step Installation

1: Remove Items From Base

Carefully remove those unsightly, dangerous items from your base to prepare it for Hoop Secure™.

2: Carefully Raise Base

Slowly raise the base by pulling down using your hoop rim.

3: Add Hoop Secure To Base

With 2 people, place Hoop Secure™ on the base. We recommend that one person remains on the rim.

4. Secure Base Straps

Place the 2 large straps around the bottom of the base. DO NOT TIGHTEN all the way, leave about 6 inches of slack when you strap the velcro so you can center the bag on the base once it's down.

5: Secure Neck Strap

Center the bag and tighten the neck support strap.

6: Load Sandbags & Have Fun!

Load 50 or 60lb. sandbags evenly inside the Hoop Secure bag and close the zipper. It's time to have fun with Hoop Secure in place!

Hoop Secure™ Specifications